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Thread: Train2Game Forum Whos Who and more - updated 01 September 2014

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    Default Train2Game Forum Whos Who and more - updated 01 September 2014

    Welcome to the Train2game Forum and we are sure you’ll enjoy your stay.

    Below is, we hope, a useful list of contact points for Train2Game students.
    Existing students call 0844 326 2021 for support
    Student World, details in your pack, for student announcements and MUCH more
    Contact customer services:

    The Train2Game Forum is moderated, on a day to day basis, by Train2Game Students.
    Please don’t give these guys a hard time or the Admins may get grumpy.

    The Moderators will guide you through Forum and Course issues, they have a wealth of knowledge and are very willing to help you, so please be nice. Should you make a mess of things they’ll help you fix errors, but if you don’t listen they will contact the Train2Game Admin Team.
    The latest Mod team can be in the Introduction Thread

    The Admin Team, all T2G people, includes both technical (IT) team members as well those who are here to help the Mods. Leaving aside the IT and backroom people, the Admin Team advice guys includes:
    Harrycole Mr PR for Train2Game. Harry will be happy to advise you on good PR.
    ericw Mr Online for Train2Game. Also looking after PR and Social Media, happy to help with SEO.

    Train2game Digital and Social Media
    Mark Kington is theTrain2Game Blogger and Social Media man
    Suggestions for Mark should be sent to
    Train2Game Student Radio

    Basic information about the Forum

    1. The Forum is not part of the course(s). It was step up some time after the courses were launched.

    2. The Forum is not directly connected to Head Office. Anyone asking about Tutor or Student Services issues should contact their Tutor Team and/or 0845 272 8796

    3. The Forum is for Train2Game students. However, members of the public are welcome as long as they don’t abuse the hospitality shown to them.

    4. Students can offer products, services or sell equipment on the Forum within reason. The public are not encouraged to do this. Links to places such as Ebay are not encouraged.

    5. Like it or no, there are rules and legislation covering the Forum as it is part of Train2Game online. Any form of defamation, attacking an individual, will be deleted and should be reported to a member of the Admin team. Defamation of a company or service will also be removed.

    6. Attacks on incorrect spelling are not to be encouraged, people who are dyslexic are not dummies, in fact many are millionaires, see

    7. Mods are Train2Game students.

    8. Admins have a working relationship with the company

    Enjoy your stay here and never be afraid to message an Admin, but start with the Mod team first.


    PS Start a thread about YOURSELF and tell everyone on the Forum you are here - ask away as well!
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    The 118 Thread of the Forum can be read here

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