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Thread: Train2Game Introduction Thread TWO

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    Default Train2Game Introduction Thread TWO

    Hi all,

    We have decided to make yet another new introduction thread as the other thread was getting rather large!
    Its great to have you as part of train2game and we wish you all the best with your studies.

    Please feel free to post in this thread and introduce yourselves, this forum is here to help with the exchange of ideas and experiences plus also to show off and tell us how well you're doing.

    Student World is where you need to ask all of the logistical questions, please talk to the guys on student world if you have any queries at all, you can either send us a webmail via Student World or if you'd prefer, phone us on 0845 2728796. Equally you can email the tutors via

    Both webmail and phone calls go directly to your tutor team so that's a great way to ask questions and get responses directly from your team quickly. The tutor team are available from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday.

    Please also keep an eye on your webmails within Student World as the team use this system to send you notifications.


    Below is, we hope, a useful list of contact points for Train2Game students.
    Enquiry line: 0845 272 8795
    Existing students call 0845 272 8796 for support
    Student World, details in your pack, for student announcements and MUCH more

    Work Experience – the latest help contact your tutor team, but also look at Train2Game News and the official Train2Game Fan Page

    The train2game forums are moderated by train2game students, here is a full list of the current train2game moderators, feel free to pester us all you want!

    We the student Moderators will guide you through Forum and Course issues, we have access to a wealth of knowledge and are very willing to help you, so please be nice. Should you make a mess of things we'll help you fix errors, but if you don’t listen we will contact the Train2Game Admin Team.
    The Mod team includes Carwash, MuirDragonne and Mark


    Admin team:

    The Admin Team, all T2G people, includes both technical (IT) team members as well those who are here to help the Mods. Leaving aside the IT and backroom people, the Admin Team advice guys includes:
    Harrycole Mr PR for Train2Game. Harry will be happy to advise you on good PR.
    ericw Mr Online for Train2Game. Also looking after PR and Social Media, happy to help with SEO.

    Train2game Digital and Social Media
    Mark Kington is theTrain2Game Blogger, Social Media man, Moderator and Student
    Suggestions for Mark should be sent to
    Train2Game Student Radio

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    The 118 Thread of the Forum can be read here

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    Was definatly needed to be honest
    James (Winf1983)
    Computer Game Developer Course
    Currently on Version 3 P3

    Add me on the following

    PSN - djamesuk
    Skype - Winf1983
    Linkedin -

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    Hi guys. Looking into doing the train2game animation and game art course. I've written and illustrated comics and have a little 3D experience, which I really liked and would like to know more.

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    Hey guys, I will soon be starting the Game Development Course with T2G, thought I would just pop on and introduce myself to see if anyone else is starting soon too. Nothing better than finding other people starting the course as well, might even be able to chat

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    Hi all
    hope youre having a good day so far. My names Kyle. ill be starting the games Designer course when my information arrives. I know its early but once the proverbial ball is rolling id like to see if there would be any coders and artists that would like to team up to do assignemnts, share ideas and come up with a good game. I already have a good sketch out for what i think may be a great game. I dont want to give the details away but what i can say is this

    Massive map base ( well just do a small area for the pitch)
    equipment and vehicles
    sci fi

    Add me on the following networks to see if the project takes your fancy

    X box : SatiricMantella
    Skype kyle.mcdonald9 - use headline T2G and an intro about yourself
    or alternatively post / reply to my thread
    SW london based

    Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon

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    Welcome to T2G, Kyle!

    Follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

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    Hey everyone, I recently started my T2g course, I'm doing QA and LD. I'm very excited to be studying again and look forward to talking to you guys if I have any queries

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    Hi all,
    My name is Mark O'Neill and have been accepted to do 3d art and animation, im just waiting for all my info and I'm going to get right stuck in.
    I currently work for Bt Openreach and previously done 16 yrs in the army, I can't wait to get into this industry, im looking forward to teaming up with like.minded people to do assignments, im based in the Newcastle area.

    Don't hesitate to contact me

    Xbox1: binaryninja79
    Or on here.

    Stay happy

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    Hi, my name is Karl, I'm about to start the art & animation course. I love drawing and have a big interest in concept & character design (nothing professionnal yet) and I definitely look ahead to larger and more accurate experience !!
    I'm really excited about this courses and by the time interested by game projects

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