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Thread: Team Building/Team membership Advice to new peeps!

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    great thread defo made me think about some stuff iv been thinking bout doing and how i might of jumped into some things abit to early

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    Great post, I have been looking to kind of jump into a group but you've made me put my brakes on until I'm sure of my plans and skills. Cheers.

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    hi gnipper, i want to ask, since i have an idea that i strongly beleive is different from any other games idea, should i expose it here?

    i am studying the games designer course and i am still on section 1 part A.

    i need help to make the concept document ect... so i need another designer more experienced than me to help me make it and find the right people for a team.

    what do you suggest?

    with gratitude


    If you want to be the best, you need to study the best
    and make their weaknesses lessons
    from them you will find your new strengths!!!

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    This was a great thread to read and very motivating for people who are just starting out on the courses thanks for putting it together

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    Cheers gnipper!

    I've literally just joined train2game and the forums and this post made me feel better about being a newbie.

    Plus it puts things in perspective too.
    A protaganist with amnesia? I love it!

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