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Thread: The "I'm A New Student" FAQ

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    Question The "I'm A New Student" FAQ

    This FAQ is specifically for new students who may have some questions


    Q: I haven't received my login details yet, I'm getting worried. How long does it take?

    A: Between 2-3 working weeks. Personally I received it in 20 days, I know some people who had to wait a little longer. If it's longer than 21 days get in touch with T2G via phone call. Whilst you wait you may want to work through the Intro book again or spend some time reading on the forums and interacting with your fellow students. Your student login will be on top of your confirmation letter, it is something similar to AB1234567C, it's that combination of letters and numbers.

    Q: Do I get game maker 7 pro? Or should I buy it?
    A: NO don't buy it. Designers, Developers and QA Testers receive GM7 Pro as soon as they get their details. Go to and get the lite version whilst you wait, it still offers a lot, just not full functionality. To get your PRO activation code webmail your tutor team

    Q: I've got a problem with my course, for example, "I didn't recieve a section" or "I really don't understand this... HELP!"

    A: Ok first port of call is your tutor team, accesible via webmail on student world or by phone at 0845 272 8796. If this isn't working for you find MattB or CliveR on the forums they work for T2G and maybe able to help you more directly. NOTE: If you do have a situation like this and you need to contact MattB or CliveR do it via a PM and explain it in full detail so they can understand what your problem is. If you PM them "I NEEEEDED SOME HELP! AHH" That won't help anyone

    Q: I want to put my student ID on my signature or even better...use it as my forum username! Will that be a great idea?
    A: NOOOOOOOOOOO, Never disclose any student information. NEVER.

    Q: How long is this course going to take me?

    A: Depends on your circumstances, there is no concrete time limit for completion. Personal Note: It isn't a race, you got at least 3 years to complete this course. Take your time, know the material.

    Q: This forum and course is quite daunting. got anything to reassure me?
    A: I refer you to a similar case -

    Q: Why do I get an email saying my TMA has been marked and when I goto Student World it just says "Being Marked"?
    A: It's the way the system works. It takes a few days to pop up for some reason. TIP: If this happens login in to your Train2Game DVD and see if the next section is available to you then you passed .

    Q: This forum is rather large, is there a central point in which useful information has been collated?
    A: Why yes there is! Check out the Master FAQ for all the best threads, most FAQ's and helpful information.
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    LOL - it's a good job you spend most(if not all) of your spare time on here!!!

    This guy doesn't sleep people.

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    Lol i spend a lot of my free time on my labtop.

    Love this stuff, what can i say :P

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    It's all good!

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    GM7 Question - Answer modified to give more accuracy for designers.

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    I'll be honest, I don't even use thread tags.

    But I aim to please. I shall add it in.

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    yeah I'll get on tagging my 442 posts...

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    Its in there already Matt :P

    Why can I only tag 5 words? With my all encompasing FAQ it'd be beneficial for me to tag more words.
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    Ok matt I've tagged what I can on my faqs.

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    Default After course

    Will this Course Cover everything on Game Design or will i need to go into other to learn the rest like

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